What’s so Great About America
By Dinesh D’Sousa.


Peace Child
By Don Richardson. A missionary’s learning lessons of tribal treacheries and traditions, one of which is the offering up a child to a rival tribe in order to make peace. How he was able to use that to illustrate the message of the Peace Child sent by God to reconcile us to Him. Unforgettable.

Born Again

By Charles Colson.  A truthful autobiography of how a powerful man as the legal counsel to the president of the United States who became a convict gives account of his life story and his conversion experience through repentance and confession of sins and acceptance of salvation to a new and eternal  life through the grace of Jesus Christ.  What struck me most was the fact that he recounted it just as any born again Christian would no matter our station in life, level of intelligence or education.   Read other eloquently written reviews if you haven’t read the book before.

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