Is This an Election, or ‘The Stand’?

Years ago, when I was trying to learn about the differences of the two major parties, I seem to have to do a lot of searching. Nowadays, both parties are bolder to state their platforms succinctly.

The president has come out to endorse gay marriage, and the platform committee has unanimously passed a resolution to put gay marriage as part of their their planks. I imagine it will be adopted in the coming Democratic Convention.

Here’s a write up at the  link below.

It’s oddly reminiscent of the way this election is shaping up, with sharp  lines dividing the two major parties.

The GOP, which just finished its convention, has adopted a pro-life,  pro-family, pro-woman, pro-freedom, pro-capitalism platform that if used as a  political blueprint could really restore this country’s greatness. They’ve even  adopted Internet freedom and anti-Agenda 21 planks.

On the other side, the author laments that the Democratic Party support abortion, gay  marriage, environmentalism, gun control, state-controlled health care, more  economic destruction, socialism;  and statist tyranny are the aims of Left-wing  policies.

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About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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