Putting Money in People’s Pocket. Jobs Bill

There are some wise observations from Charles Payne whom I like. He appears and guest hosts at the Fox Business Channel. His business is about Wall Street, but he is not afraid to comment on government policies that affect Main Street as well as a conservative.

It is mind-boggling how the president and his advisers would go back on the same ideas about the jobs and the economy that have not worked, and then turn around and righteously accuse the GOP for opposing his plan. Of course he does not mention that his own party leader Reid has not even put the bill on the table in the senate.

By Charles Payne, CEO & Principal Analyst
WStreet Commentary http://www.wstreet.com/
10/7/2011 9:48:26 AM Eastern Time

“Putting Money in People’s Pockets.” -President Obama

In the full court press to get his jobs bill passed, President Obama gave another press conference yesterday, and made several telling comments. Among his observations, talking points, and overall sales pitch there were comments about putting money in people’s pockets to trigger confidence. The more money a person has, typically the better they feel, but how that money got there is critical to the notion of real confidence or the sense of a temporary relief. If someone gets a check for a short period of time, and they know it’s going to be a short period of time, in many respects it adds more anxiety than not having a job or check.

We must stoke confidence through the notion the best is yet to come. I realize President Obama has bet the ranch, not on his jobs bill, but on its failure whether passed or rejected. The fact that a long term plan must be enacted as soon as possible is not just beside the point, it’s beside the grander plan. Despite all the warnings and rejection of collectivist policies over the last two and a half years, the Administration has come back swinging with the same program. Now they are aided with misguided youth, whose innocuous understanding of life has been commandeered by professional organizers, and muscled up with union thugs.

President Obama professes to not understand his creation, Occupy Wall Street, and maybe that’s smart considering the violence, anger, and hatred that seem to pour out of more of its ever-growing pores. The White House has blamed Wall Street for all that’s wrong with the nation such as exonerating high school drop outs, those that have to smoke a joint before leaving the house, and others that simply don’t have the correct fortitude to make it in the mean old world of capitalism. It’s really a dangerous game, but so obvious since this is the first revolt over a country’s basic political system that hasn’t targeted the government.

This is a sham revolt, a sham protest, and a shame in general. In the meantime, this battle has played out for eons. Europeans marveled at America and how its system of democracy enables not only the ability to achieve great wealth, but the ability for most all citizens to do so. Perhaps those envious Europeans like Tocqueville would be happy to know there is a movement where the only thing that haunts the mind is to confiscate fortunes and great possessions of others through force, not competition.

“When each citizen is constantly seeking to change station, when open competition is pursued by all, when wealth is amassed or frittered away in the space of a few moments amid turmoil of democracy, visions of sudden fortunes and great possessions easily acquired or lost and images of chance in every shape or form haunt men’s minds. Social instability fosters the natural instability of man’s desires.” -Alexis de Tocqueville

At a time when we need dramatic near term solutions that unleash all our free market creativity, this is the final stretch in a move that would ultimately remove it from our DNA. That Jobs Bill is still dead on arrival even after President Obama grudgingly accepted the Buffett Tax instead of his levy on households earning north of $250,000. The bill is still dead on arrival because there are not enough Democrats to pass the bill. (By the way, it was made clear during the press conference that in the long run, “tax reform” must occur, and that means those greedy rich households at a quarter of a million dollars will have to pay.)

Let’s get beyond gimmicks. Let’s put pride in people’s souls and determination in their minds and they will fill their own pockets.


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I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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