Eric Holder Feigns Ignorance of Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ Now

But He Bragged of Overseeing Its Implementation in 2009

Eric Holder Feigns Ignorance of Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ Now, But He Bragged of Overseeing Its Implementation in 2009. Click link.

When I searched for this subject of the botched operation known as “Fast and Furious” or “gunrunner” implicating the ATF, except for the conservative web sites, only older articles showed up, 1 at CNN, 1 at NPR, 1 at LA Times, on first 2 pages. Why don’t they report on matter as news worthy as this, the acting head of ATF met with congressional investigation committee on July 4th with his own attorney??

Then I found ABC Jake Tapper’s report. Clear and concise.

Here it is. I generally don’t use Foxnews as source of my information to avoid the appearance of bias.

Click for full article.

Over the weekend, the acting director of ATF came forward on his own, with his personal attorney, and essentially told congressional investigators that the Justice Department was trying to delay his testimony before the Hill. Read more about that HERE.
For those just tuning in, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, under the Obama administration, started a program to run guns in hopes they would lead them to Mexican criminals.

In short: the ATF did not keep adequate track of the guns, and they now are turning up in crime scenes, including at the scene of a murdered US border agent and myriad other crime scenes, as our local reporter Lori Jane Gliha is covering expertly. (See her latest. “43 weapons in Phoenix traffic stop linked to ATF strategy,” HERE.)

You can read more about the story HERE.

The Obama administration and Justice Department stand accused of not fully cooperating with the congressional investigation into this scandal.


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