Happy Independence Day

For patriotic pondering on this special day of our nation, visit http://www.wallbuilders.com, http://www.heritage.org.
Have a great day. If you have not read Dinesh Dsouza’s “What’s so great about America”, here’s to mention to you again. I highly recommend it.

A nation that engages continually in self reproach essentially gives up the leadership role to extend herself to be of assistance to other nations. Self examination and self evaluation are necessary to maintain our integrity as world leaders.

Was in London and Italy last month. Good thing we left London before the strike.

Strikes generally do achieve the purposes of what orgaizers, the unions, demand. They bring good to the workers. But they also bring inequitable results. Some are able to retire and draw pensions equal to 2/3 of salary for not working. This overburdens the government, businesses, and the young workforce.

Strikes cause inconvenience to individuals, losses to businesses, even threatens life and death matters. i remember the days when postal workers struck when I was in Montreal decades ago. They told me that strikes were common. I know of an American struck with a grave illness in England when the nurses went on strike. She was flown back to US for treatment as soon as her condition allowed.

I believe in workers getting fair treatments and compensations. Are there ways other than the strong armed and self serving tactics employed by union representatives and their members?

What if we nurture and honor justice and righteousness, would workers not be treated fairly? This may not be possible as a rule, but this will help if we try. And why does our society oppose groups that teach this principle laid out in the Bible?

Just thinking on the spur of the moment.

God bless America.


About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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