The First Vote the New Congress will cast is ……

I haven’t given much thought to this question until today.  The first vote the new 112th congress will cast is on the selection of the Speaker of the House.  Now that is a big deal.

Nancy Pelosi got elected by her fellow democrats who outnumbered the republicans. Only a simple majority is required for this vote.

The Speaker of the House has tremendous power. He/she sets the legislative agenda, usually to ensure passing legislation sponsored by the majority party. The Speaker has power to determine when each bill reaches the floor.

Bills championing the ideology of the majority party get priority preference, thus we have the healthcare bill, the huge stimulus bills. We also see the lack of interest and oversight on border security enforcements by leaders of this congress in spite of the urgent cries for help from our border states.

The partisan agenda of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and senate leader Harry Reid is obvious for all to see.

We have a chance to change the course on November 2. All conservatives need to go out to vote. If democrats retains majority, our kids’ future will be at stake.

Now that I have gotten the above main message out for my busy facebook friends, I am going to expound a bit below on the subject.

I have been writing about reasons that we need to watch the polls and not vote for 3rd party or write-in candidates when they have no chance to win. Barbara Boxer is 2 points ahead of Fiorina. Conservatives who think that Fiorina is not conservative enough may vote for a more conservative but lesser known, lesser supported candidate, for the sake of acting on principle. These votes will allow Boxer to return to congress. In this tight race, every vote counts.

Glenn Beck talked about his position on selecting the candidate based on his character, which may mean someone other than a republican, or a conservative with a small  support base. He questions the talk about wasting the vote.

That was when Michele Bachman gave the title answer, not in a way of disagreeing, but more in a way to inform since she is in the House.

Yes, this is the main reason that conservatives need a majority in congress. Without that, republicans will have no chance to bring up a bill to repeal the healthcare law or to improve on the bill.

I have yet to find out what purist conservatives want in their approved candidates. Glenn talks about constitutional conservatives.

We are conservatives in various ways. Some of us are more concerned about moral and social issues. Some of us are passionate about protecting the unborn. Some of us want government out of our lives. Some of us do not want regulation of businesses. Some want to own guns, period; and this may be “the” constitutional issue as it is in the second amendment. Some are strict fiscal conservatives.

But all of us are against liberalism/socialism.

Is there a candidate on the right side of center who can be all things to all people?

Don’t we need to see the big picture?

I need to follow up on how that discussion ended. I love Glenn for his genuine passion for the best interest of our country. I would disagree with him on this issue for reasons given by Bachman and my previous pondering.

By voting in a “RINO” to deny a democrat, we have a chance to have the majority. If there are more honorable core conservatives elected, hopefully the few RINOs will not have negative impact; and hopefully all will be held accountable to voters.

Ultimately, the voters are the ones responsible for the kind of congress we have.

Vote for Whitman to defeat Jerry Brown.

Vote for Van Tran to defeat Loretta Sanchez. CD 46

Vote for Abel Maldonado to defeat Newsom. CA Lt Governor.



About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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