How does a write-in Candidate affect the Lt Governor’s Race? 2010

You may not know who Karen England is if you are not a supporter or subscriber of one of the following groups.

If you have received literature on or endorsement of her candidacy as a write-in for the Lt Governor’s position, please read and comment.

Ms England has been a hard worker in defending family value in the state of California. I have always appreciated what she has done for conservative causes at CRI.

Around the end of September, Ms England decided to run for the Lt governor’s position as a write-in candidate in the general election, and notified us who are on her mailing list. That was after she was unsuccessful in pleading with the current Lt. Governor Maldonado to sign an appeal to the appellate court on behalf of California State re proposition 8 that was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Her reason to run is stated on her website

I personally identify more with her ideology than with Maldonado, the republican on the ballot, whom she is running against.

My concern is the end result of her entry into the race.   Keep in mind that this is not a primary election but the general election. Writing her name in makes it a 3 way race ( there are candidates of other parties with small number of supporters) .

Latest poll shows Newsom 49 vs Maldonado 45. The only way Newsom would lose in a two-way race would be a very high republican and independent voter turnout; but it may not happen if dems  mobilize their base or sweet talk their voting blocks to come out to vote ( something groups like Acorn know how to do, you know). There are a few big races that are at stake too, e.g. Whitman vs Brown, Fiorina vs Boxer.

Logic and math tell us that Ms England’s voters will not be drawn from the left since she is far right from the center; so Newsom’s number will not be affected or reduced. The moderates will go with Maldonado. Ms England would appeal to the conservative and far right voters.

In a blue state like California, all this does is to split the votes on the republican side, anywhere from the center, mainly to the right, and to the far right.

It is not realistic that Ms England can win all of Maldonado’s votes, and more, in order to win the general. Reducing Maldonado’s votes would only guarantee Newsom’s election.

This is not the same scenario as Alaska’s Murkowski’s race. She is known and she is neck to neck with Joe Miller. But either one of them has more votes than the Democratic challenger, 36-38-22. So win or lose, Murkowski’s write in will not hand the spot to a democrat.

In our case, a vote for Ms England is a vote for Newsom. We might have sent a message of SOME voters’ disapproval of the RINO Maldonado, but in the end we will end up with an ultra liberal who will have a chance to sign, as acting governor, bills by our slanted liberal legislature (if we haven’t changed that mix in this Nov election on the state level), who has as mayor of a liberal city ignored state law to officiate same-sex marriages, who has no respect for our military. The Lt Governor’s office cannot be considered as unimportant. Besides the above authority to act as governor when he is away, the office allows him to facilitate easy access to his liberal supporters, union officials to move about in the high level of the executive branch. This is a springboard for Newsom to the next progression, the governor’s office.

That scenario is what Ms England had worked hard to prevent as a defender of family value before she made the late decision to jump into the ring.

Defeating Maldonado as a means of party discipline only rewards the greater of the two less-than-desirable candidates ( don’t like to say lesser of the two evils which is a more common way to express it the other way around.)

Splitting the republican vote is handing the election to Newsom.

That is the big picture.

Am I wrong?

She  has endorsement from :
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

Senator Tim Leslie and former candidate for Lt. Governor

Gun Owners of California

Citizens Reclaiming Constitutional Liberty

GOP Trumpeter

Chip Hanlon, Red County

How many voters of these groups will help in Newom’s victory?

Or somebody please convince me that Newsom’s number will drop because of her candidacy, or she can get all of Maldanado’s voters, and more in order to defeat Newsom.


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I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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