California Governor’s Race. Jerry Brown is not the Answer

The Governor’s race is important.

He is the CEO of the State. He signs bills passed by the state house and senate. He can veto bills.

Since I started learning about our government about 2 years ago, I have noticed that our legislative body has spent a lot of time on introducing, re-introducing, and pushing for bills with activist agenda for gender and social issues in public schools which succinctly infringe on or snub out parental rights and choices for their children. I thought to myself, no wonder they don’t have time to work on budget issues; or maybe they’d rather avoid working on those serious stuff.

Such is our California legislature consisting of a liberal majority. Governor Schwarzenegger had vetoed some of these bills for which we were thankful that we have such an avenue of dissent from the legislation, but eventually he would sign some for which we could only shake our heads.

November gives us an opportunity to elect a governor who is more sympathetic and aligned with what we believe in, and to choose the senate and house representatives in our respective districts.

There is no perfect candidate.

And Jerry Brown is not the answer.

1.   He does not have a good record as governor in the past: med flies mismanagement,  prop 13,  appointment of Rose Bird, the Dill’s Act, etc.  See links below.
2.   He is a liberal big government guy, not good for today’s economy.
3.   He is an extremist in environmental issues, promising to spend $$$ to create green jobs. Don’t know if our farmland in the central valley afflicted by drought due to man-made manuever to save the Sacramento small fish will get any help to become fruitful and productive again, though it is a federal law issue.
4.   He has a pattern of ignoring the will of the people, and federal law as well (#5). As the current Attorney General, his is one of two legal entities qualified to file appeal on behalf of the people of California. On Judge Walker’s rule invalidating prop 8 passed by majority of voters, Jerry Brown refused to file the appeal. The governor also refused to do so.
He appointed Rose Bird as the chief justice of the California supreme court. She over-ruled 64 consecutive death penalty verdicts and upheld none. Rose Bird imposed her own personal opposition to the death penalty in the guise of interpreting the law. No California chief justice appointee had ever been voted off the bench by the voters before Rose Bird, but she was.
5.   He likes to reach out to other nations and build relationship (does this remind you of the CEO at the federal level?) by taking a group to Cuba; he had visits with Fidel Castro; he traveled to Cuba in a way that did not conform to federal law.

6.   His rhetoric are sometimes different than what he actually believes in.

7.    Who support Jerry Brown? The very wealthy, Spielberg and Hollywood celebrities; the very powerful,  the unions. Then the have-nots and the want- to- have’s who enjoy the generosity of the government. No offense intended for people who are truly in need until they get over their crises with personal efforts and open opportunity in a prosperous economy.

California’s Half-Trillion-Dollar Pension Fund Mess: Blame Jerry Brown
By Jane Jamison

This article tells of his association with unions and how the pension funds have driven up the deficits. The labor unions will want to see him elected for sure.

See Brown’s Cuba’s Trouble in the next thread. *****************************************************


About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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