What do Unions do with Members’ Dues? Why does it matter?

I have found the newsletter “Reality Alert” by Election Forum to be informative on election issues from a Christian worldview. I recommend that you give it a quick read. If you like it, go to their website to subscribe. You’ll be enlightened.

As I stated before, the focus of this blog is on election. I will be passing along insights and analyses of current events from trusted sources.

In order to vote wisely, we need to be informed.

I’d like to highlight item #2 in the newsletter below about the CNA ( California Nurses Association) and the union. Please read so that you can make sense of my remarks.

Who would have thought that the skillful, caring, professional, wonderful caregivers that we know as nurses (I was one) are lumped together with the ideology and activities of union officials who claim to represent them, and their interest.

Really? Yes, in a way. The unions do have clout and power, in collective bargaining for higher wages, less work hours, less patient load, more benefits: medical, vacation, retirement, etc for their members. including the teachers union. Actually they do get results. Why wouldn’t they? It’s their job. They get paid handsomely. They get your dues. They enjoy the huge benefit in the possession of power.

Unfortunately, they use their position to play politics for maximum return of profits and power, to the point that it does not matter if you the member likes what they do or not. And members are trapped because they do not want to lose the benefits negotiated for them.

Do you as members have a say in objecting to the “causes” money is spent on?

Do you know one of the most powerful men who has influence over President Obama’s policies is
the head of SEIU (Service Employees International Union ) Andy Stern? The president admitted it, and the White House visitors log proves it, by the number of times he has had access to the president of the United States.

Just a couple of months ago, SEIU members were bused to a bank official’s residence protesting on his front lawn, just outside his front door.

The article below confirms my concern and objection of government-run healthcare because of the ever-increasing power of the union and the direction they want to take us. They are getting into policy making driven by ideology.

Too much power corrupts people.

Unions, liberal president, liberal congress; they enhance the power and agenda of one another. Their ideology work against traditional values.

What is your perspective?

Craig Huey’s Reality Alert:
Special Update Issue July 29, 2010

Your Resource from a Christian Worldview

1.Your tax funds for 423 abortion clinics

The latest Obama/Democratic annual appropriation bill for the Department of Defense mandates your tax money to fund abortions in all domestic and overseas military facilities.

Incidentally, Senator Boxer voted for this bill, her Senate opponent Carly Fiorina was against it.

2. Why…the California Nurses Association (CNA) is an enemy of family values

When I speak at churches, I show who is for or against propositions and candidates.

Always—100%—the CNA supports ultra-liberal, anti-family, socialist and anti-Christian issues and candidates.

And I’m often asked….why?

The CNA once was a quality, proud organization promoting nursing as a positive profession and encouraging good health. But the radical left took over the leadership…and it’s now a political, not a professional, organization.

The leaders aren’t volunteers. Rose Ann DeMoro, the non-nurse head of the organization, gets $293,000 a year. Her husband gets $142,254. Ninety-nine CNA employees earn more than $100,000. The median income of a nurse in California is $62,400.

They have organized and spent money against Proposition 8 (traditional marriage) and parental consent, for embryonic stem cell research, socialized medicine, same-sex education for kids, radical environmental laws and anti-business positions.

In 2009–2010, the CNA has given over $1.5 million to Democrats, $0 to Republicans.

Who pays for all this? The rank-and-file nurses from their forced membership fees—usually around $100 a month.

One tactic of union bosses is harassment.

Last week, 1,000 nurses with printed signs took busses to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s house. The union hired a plane to fly over her house with a banner.

Now, we don’t support Meg Whitman. We may not endorse her in November. But no candidate should be intimidated at their home.

Click here to watch a short 2-minute video with a nurse union “leader.”

Tell me what you think about the CNA leader and her position and defense of this offensive tactic. Email me at craig@ElectionForum.org.

3. Anti-religious, anti-Christian art at the taxpayer’s expense

I love Christian art. My wife and I look for it whenever we see artwork displayed in stores, at festivals or on sidewalks.

Not surprisingly, we don’t see modern Christian art much in public/taxpayer federal buildings.

Incidentally, in Lake Arrowhead, a new store has opened in the village that specializes in awesome, creative/artistic crosses.

But we see anti-religious art displayed—at the taxpayer’s expense. The latest example is at the Sacramento County Public Law Library. One painting called “Moral Values” by San Francisco attorney-artist Jeri Wyrick depicts a large Bible with a label reading: “Warning: May Impair Judgment.” According to The Christian Post:

On the library’s website for the art show, Wyrick describes her paintings as “anti-religious.” She said “Moral Values” was inspired by the 2004 presidential election when George W. Bush won his second term.

She said that exit polls of those who voted for Bush show their main concern for America’s future was not terrorism or the war in Iraq, but “moral values,” such as gay marriage.

“I came to the conclusion that there must be something about religious faith which renders people stupid,” Wyrick explained in the painting’s description.

The artwork is also for sale. What do you think? Should tax money support this type of message? Email me at craig@ElectionForum.org.

4. Schools’ insanity and waste

Bureaucrats and board members of schools are in crisis over dropping enrollments and cutbacks in state funding.

Firing teachers and staff and cutting budgets have been a horrifying reality.

Sitting on school budget committees, I always hear there is no waste. But the reality is quite different.

Take the Los Angeles Unified School District. Can you justify these expenditures?

$572 million to duplicate the elegant and lavish look of the former Ambassador Hotel.
The Robert F. Kennedy Community School is costing 40% more than any other school—$135,000 per-student cost—as it’s loaded with public art sculptures, an artificial turf soccer field and expensive replica spaces, talking benches, marble walls and a huge pool.
And the school officials…they don’t care. What do you think? Email me at craig@ElectionForum.org.

5. Israel: Knowing the facts

A lot of misinformation and lies are said about Israel. Click here to take a short quiz. I think you’ll enjoy it.

See how well you do. If you get above 90%, email me at craig@ElectionForum.org and tell me how you know so much about Israel.

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