Reviving the Love of America, its Founding Principles, History and Language.

Lately, I have come across comments by several people who said: ” I love my country, I will.. “. It’s touching. I think for a lot of people, the driving factor to vote is not just a sense of duty, but a love for the country. That’s beautiful.

Of course voting is a privilege and right only possible in free societies.

Treasure this right.

I am recommending the Heritage Foundation website.

HF is a think tank on conservative values. The following article titled above is found on the page describing “first principles”.



The American people are divided in a way that is deeply destructive to our civic life. Ordinary Americans love their country, support the armed services, believe in America’s goodness, and revere the flag and our Founding Fathers. The liberal elites look down on ordinary people, prefer European customs, and think America has been a force for evil in the world and our Founders irrelevant at best and possibly immoral.
This attitude has come to permeate higher education, and much of K-12 education as well. Its assumptions pervade the news and entertainment media. It is the ethos of professional associations such as the American Bar Association and the American Library Association, and it has taken over some churches.
We need leaders who will restore Americans’ understanding of the Constitution and our history, educate citizens on the appropriate role of religion and moral values in our tradition and our current civic life, and work to bring back the limited government our Founders bequeathed us.
Specifically, politicians can end federal requirements for bilingualism – in the schools, voting, and other government functions. While people should be free to speak any language they please in their private lives, English should be the language of public discourse and employers should be free to require their employees to speak English. We should be one people, not a collection of disparate and competing groups. A common language helps us to unite, and gives new immigrants a link to the history and traditions of their adopted country.
Leaders should speak out about the meaning of our national holidays. They should point out the historical achievements and constitutional principles of the United States to generations of young Americans who often do not learn these things in school and to older people who have forgotten.



About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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