Is Media Bias Influencial in Political Outcome?

We have heard about liberal media bias.

Many newspaper and magazine organizations are liberal. You only have to read the editorials and opinion sections to find out.  The topics and placements of news reports and stories are weighted and selected according to favorability of the party they support.

The Jeremiah Wright story was significant in the way one would analyze candidate Obama’s background, connections, philosophical and religious leaning, candor, etc in this aspect of his 20 years association with J Wright and his church. Candidate Obama came through unscathed.

There were many factors that brought about the victory, one of which was the concerted support of liberal media and liberal college professors.

Now it has come to the open that a group of journalists, academicians had formed a group 2 years ago to exchange ideas by email, which contents have been leaked lately that exposed their goal and tactics to help elect candidate Obama and denigrate conservatives.

This group called Journolist consists of 400 members: staff of Washington Post, Time, UCLA professor, Jeffrey Toobin, etc.

Topics of discussions included stopping the Jeremiah Wright story by calling opponents racists; how to shut out Fox News. One email shows a member saying that if Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack, she would be laughing,  watching his eyes bug out ( report says that she has apologized today for the comment, this is not made up!)

For excerpts of these emails with senders’ names, go to (please copy and paste it, until I learn how to embed or do links, sorry)  Keyword is “journolist”

This news item does not seem to show up on major paper or network news. You can guess why.  I waited a while before I write about this. I believe the news is credible with names named. The founder Ezra Klein of the Washington announced the closing of the group after the email leak.

Be discerning about the news for the upcoming election.


About pnclaw

I am not a political activist, but I am paying attention to what's happening in our beloved country, especially for the sake of my grandchildren. I hope you are too.
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